Top Level Of Protection

For each vehicle one unique Microdot Information is holographed and mapped to the various other vehicle information like engine number, registration number etc.
About 20 locations are sprayed with adhesives containing microdots.
This information is stored in a secure database and available to police, insurance companies, finance companies and owners of vehicles

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What We Offer?

We bring you a promising technology & an integrated solution towards marked & secured assets.


Microdot is a Theft Detection System that can help curtail many vehicle theft issues. That means it can also save on vehicle insurance considerably. Alternately, the insurance companies can benefit by compulsory tagging vehicles with microdots, ensuring stolen vehicles are traced back.


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the automotive domain maintain a database of vehicle information. The OEM’s can adapt the microdot technology by providing value-added security services to their clients. RTO’s and other related agencies holding large vehicular data can engage with Microdot Service Providers to offer enhanced security services to their clients. OEM’s and vehicular agencies can maintain a record of the microdot spread at their end


Security On Dots primary objective is to provide asset identification service to auto component manufacturers as well as auto companies. The Indian Auto Industry can benefit the maximum from Microdot Technology. Considering the auto theft ratio, microdot is an undisputed and disguised security measure that pins the rightful owner with Unique Identification details. The Unique identification details are logged in to a secure database that can help trace an asset’s information. This database is available across security and government agencies.

Our Technical Services

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Encrypted Data

Discreet data marking that is invisible to the naked eye and highly efficient in securing your priced assets.

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Database Monitoring

Assets are marked by Unique Identification numbers that are maintained in a secured database.

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High Security

Asset marking through Microdots ensure wider surface spread, therefore fewer chances of counterfeiting information.

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Safe & Friendly

Microdot Technology is easy to apply without any visible harm to the environment.