Counterfeiting with microdots is absolutely impossible. At Security On Dots, we ensure the process of micro-dotting is carried out in the following way, Check.

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Risk Study to establish microdots marking as an appropriate solution

Like copyrights, digital locks, CCTV Cameras and holograms have been efficient in securing our physical & virtual assets; microdot comes as a discreet and powerful security technique. Risk study shows Microdots as a safe and secure means of marking your assets. It facilitates anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft and fraudulent practices. Microdots are miniscule in size and can cover a larger area without obvious aesthetic interference with the vehicle’s exteriors.

Selecting suitable microdots

Microdots are 1 mm discs with data specific to the vehicle or asset they are marked on. Microdots have information embedded on them like the Vehicle Information Number / DNA / PIN code. Microdots with customized information can be embedded for better and advanced means. This VIN / DNA / PIN code database is highly secured and accessible only to the authorized parties.


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Helping devise application methods including intermediate vector for application to the base structure on which microdots will be applied

The microdots can be painted or sprayed on the surface of the assets. It can also be glued to the valuables. Water-based or solvent-based adhesives can be a base for the application of Microdots. Valuable items are usually marked in more than one location. It can be applied with a brush (similar to pen) or a spray. A single application contains thousands of microdots.

Hardware & Tools for application

Microdots are discreet and can be applied through a pen brush or a spray. Microdots can be read with a 50X magnifier or an ultraviolet light. The ink used for embedding information on microdots contains fluoresces under Ultraviolet light. Microdot is not a tracking device but highly effective and handy. We also provide Apps for reading the microdots and accessing the database of assets.

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Secure database for the assets marked and easy reference when needed.

Microdots are registered on a secured database. Every microdot kit comes with a VIN (Vehicle Information Number) which is registered along with the buyer’s number. Registration ensures owner authentication. This comes useful in case of recovery in theft matters.

We have an exhaustive and secured database of vehicles marked with microdots. This database is accessible to Government bodies, Police and Vehicle owners only.

Training, documentation and field support

Applying microdots is a simple process. The kit comes with all the necessary information. Documentation and registration of individual asset are mandatory and needs to be done in a structured format. We provide assistance with adopting the technology, related documentation for the micro-dotting process and necessary field support.

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Testifying with judiciary in case legal redressal

As a service provider, we have a database of all the microdot owners and the individual assets they have secured / dotted with microdots. In case of any theft / recovery / legal redressal, we can back the case with necessary data supporting the vehicle or asset in question and is micro-dotted.